Christmas Parties

Our bespoke Christmas parties are a sure-fire way to get your team in the festive spirit. Our creative and original approach to party delivery means that, as well as generating a thoroughly merry atmosphere, we also offer guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in some festive fun and games.

In addition to theming and planning your celebrations, we’ll be on hand to ensure that all you need to worry about is having a ‘jolly’ good time.

A Christmas Party for Expedia

Travel specialists Expedia approached London Quest to add an extra special something to their Christmas Party for 700 employees, many of whom were jetting in from across Europe.

Guests were invited to join renowned traveller, Phileas Fogg as he embarked on his next epic adventure. Dressed according to brief in ‘explorer’ costumes, guests were greeted by Fogg himself, accompanied by a fleet of smiling flight attendants. Each guest was issued with a personalised passport; the inscription challenging its holder to explore four far flung corners of the world and and impress the native people they found along the way. Success earned a passport stamp and kudos from the inestimable Fogg. Guests were free to explore the four lost lands before them, including the Wild West, 1920’s New York, Tiki Land and the North Pole. As passports were stamped and filled, the time came for Fogg and the locals to announce their departure and bestow the most successful explorers with prizes worthy of their great achievements.

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