Stag, Hen & Birthday Parties

A Quest is no ordinary treasure hunt. Our adventures are crafted specifically for those taking part; the storyline, clues and characters are inspired by themselves, so no two Quests are ever the same.

A Quest is a great way to celebrate a very special day. Whether it’s a stag, hen or birthday party, the personalised nature of our adventures means we keep the star of the party at the heart of the action. Just name the time and place and let us do the rest.

‘Thanks for a great day out on Saturday, it was so much fun.’ Johnny Evans, Stag Quester

A Quest for a Breaking Bad fan

Asked to create a Stag Party for a Breaking Bad fanatic, London Quest had no choice but to thrust him into the morally questionable world of Walter White.

With a particularly ferocious drug lord on his case, the former chemistry teacher (complete with nasty cough) made it clear that his only hope rested firmly in the hands of his newest friends. The Questers first tip off led them straight to an ex-con’s mobile laboratory before having to make an illicit trade down a deserted side street. To secure Walter’s freedom, the team then went ‘undercover’ to work their way into the heart of the enemy gang. After learning the ‘family business’ and auditioning for an unscrupulous music producer, their job was almost done. However, events took an unexpected turn when the unsuspecting group were confronted with a bloodied corpse. Suspicions were confirmed when the team realised they had been mere puppets in a much bigger plan. Face to face with their new enemy, a flash of genius (and some uncompromising dance moves) brought their enemy’s scheming to a crushing halt.

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