Student Quests

A Quest is no ordinary treasure hunt. Our adventures are crafted specifically for those taking part; the storyline, clues and characters are inspired by themselves, so no two Quests are ever the same.

Offering a fantastic ‘student experience’ has never been more important. Institutions are now offering a host of extra-curricular activities in an attempt to lure students onto their courses. A Quest is a unique adventure that encourages students to bond and explore their new environment in a fresh and exciting way.

‘The Quest was a great success – we are doing it again next year…’ Course Director, Imperial College London

A Student Quest for Imperial College

Imperial College asked London Quest to create an activity for their new summer school programme that would encourage students to bond, and get to know their new environment, in a fun and exciting way.

The students were taken aback when a Police Officer interrupted their class to reveal a hostage video of their blindfolded course director, pleading that they meet the demands of his captors. Caught in the middle of a gang war between two mafia families fighting for control of London, the students were tasked with meeting members of each gang and, either by negotiation or downright foul play, relieving each of them of a precious ring; a symbol of their claim to the city. After all meetings were complete, the students arrived at the captors’ secret hideout. Once all rings were counted, students were informed of their failure, recovering too few rings to warrant their tutor’s release. With a gun pointed squarely at the hostage, all seemed lost until the students rallied some nearby police and, together, stormed the hideout and arrested the gang members.

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