Survival Quests

A Quest is no ordinary treasure hunt. Our adventures are crafted specifically for those taking part; the storyline, clues and characters are inspired by the participants, so no two Quests are ever the same.

A survival Quest is designed to push teams to their limits. Beyond the relative comfort of the office environment, colleagues must work together if they are to succeed. This test of endurance requires stamina, strength and skill in order to prevail.

‘I so enjoyed Saturday. You guys were brilliant and completely exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much.’ Assistant Director-fundraising, Spurgeons

A Survival Quest for Spurgeons

Midlands Charity Spurgeons tasked London Quest with creating a suitably challenging survival day for twenty Partners from local law firm Anthony Collins to raise funds for the charity’s most recent initiative, The Phoenix Project.

Dropped in a field and relieved of all possessions, Partners were split into two teams and issued with specific items to retain throughout the day. Items were allocated according to how much money each Partner had raised; the greater the fundraising, the more useful the item. They ranged from an OS map, to a brick, to a life-sized mannequin!

Cryptic clues led groups through a gruelling 10K route, their only rest opportunity being challenge points along the way. Winning a team challenge meant offloading an item of choice to the opposing team. Escalating through a hierarchy of human needs, challenges began with the essentials such as fishing for food, building shelter and collecting water, before progressing to more abstract facets such as trust, creativity and identity. The challenge culminated in tired teams being cheered across the line by their friends and family and some well-deserved refreshments.

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